The words of Jesus 'Love one another as I have loved you '(John 15:12) are part of the conversations Jesus had with the disciples in the Upper Room in Jerusalem before he journeyed to the Cross. He gave them, as he gives us, a model for living as his followers.

The logo for this church year links the love of Jesus to how we are called as a congregation to love each other. His love is unconditional and inclusive and challenges us to show this in the way we relate to each other in the church and in the wider community.

The logo links the meaning of the Cross as sacrificial love to how we serve one another. The towel and basin remind us of how the servant Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. Love and service belong together as we seek to care for each other. It will also challenge us as we reach out to the community as servants of Christ and seek to show, in words and actions,what it means to love as he has loved us.


Following the announcement by the NI Executive of a 6 week period of lockdown beginning on Boxing Day and subsequent guidance received from the Methodist Church in Ireland, Ballymena Methodist Church worship services will be online only for this period.
The last in-person worship will be Christmas Day at 9.00am.
Provided no further lockdowns are imposed, in-person worship in the sanctuary will recommence on Sunday 14th February 2021 at 11.00am.

28th January 2021, 8.00PM 

Gather with us as Methodists across the island of Ireland to lift up our prayers for:
→ Mission
→ Education
→ Pastoral Care
→ Healthcare

We'll have speakers and break-out prayer sessions on each of the four areas to help us focus our attention and give our earnest prayers, as we place our confidence completely and whole heartedly in Jesus!

 Register here: http://bit.ly/ConnexionalPrayerJan2020 



Morning Worship:

Evening Worship:

As arranged

Currently closed for
in-person Sunday worship due to current Covid-19 situation



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