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The word ‘Mission’ means….

  • an important assignment given to a person or group of people;

  • the calling of Christianity to go out into the world and spread the good news of our faith;

  • a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling.

The word ‘Outreach’ means to stretch out your arms.

What do we do in terms of mission and outreach?

We are called to go out into our community and stretch out our arms to spread the good news of our faith, to offer hope to those in need regardless of background or belief, and to provide a welcoming, vibrant and peaceful space in which everyone has a sense of belonging and can fulfil their potential.

In partnership with local community organisations we have established and strengthened the links and offered support to services and activities that already exist, including Woodvale Community Mental Health, Women’s Aid, The Inter Ethnic Forum, Mid and East Antrim Council, Northern Trust, Children’s Services, New Horizons, The Age Well Partnership and Ballymena Church Members’ Forum.


The church has established a link with the local Women’s Aid refuge, Children’s’ Contact Services, Woodvale Inspire Group, Children in Care Choir, Community Choir and Community Tea Dances. In addition, we regularly host meetings with the Inter Ethnic Forum and Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

We are excited that construction of the new two storey premises on the site of our old manse started in August and look forward to its completion during 2024. 


Our aim is to:

  • provide a safe, welcoming, flexible space open to all;

  • enable our partner agencies to deliver their programmes;

  • assist in the delivery of mental health focused programmes through our volunteer groups;

  • provide well-being activities for the benefit of the local community;

  • provide supported accommodation for vulnerable young adults.


Our new multipurpose building will house four self-contained apartments on the first floor to accommodate young people coming out of care. The ground floor will have a kitchen offering a communal social gathering space, an open multipurpose room, an intimate living room and a small counselling / prayer room. We aim to offer wellbeing activities, a centre for local events, a safe living space for vulnerable young people and a space for other agencies to interact with small groups and individuals within the local community.


The members of Ballymena Methodist Church are taking seriously the challenge of whole life discipleship and together we are moving out in new ways "To serve the Present Age".

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